Bill Murray beer

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There are a select few individuals who are so famous that every person who ever meets them likely retains that one small moment for the rest of their days and files away the tiny tale to tell for ALL time.

But more on that in moment. Let’s talk about how YOU can meet and share a beer with Bill Murray

theCHIVE is teaming up with partners Project Venkman and Coinbase to hold a 24-hour NFT auction and one Murray Minute starting August 30th at 2 PM CST on the Coinbase NFT website.

Bidding on the very first Bill Murray NFT titled “A Great Story” will open at 1.5 ETH (roughly $2,500). 100% of the proceeds will go to Chive Charities recipients (become a donor today HERE).

Bill Murray beer

If you win the auction you will:

-Own the original physical painting (above) titled, “A Great Story” AND the original Bill Murray NFT #000

-Have a beer with Bill Murray himself (we’re not kidding)

-Be immortalized in a painting by the original painter, David Grizzle


Even if you don’t win the auction, any successful bid will automatically receive an invitation to our show-stopping Gold, Silver, and Black dinner in Austin, TX, at the famed Star Hill Ranch on Thursday, November 3rd, from 6-10 PM CST.


How can you prepare for August 30?

-Download Coinbase

-Download Coinbase Wallet

-Start loading up your bid amount in your wallet, the auction will open at 1.5ETH (~$2,500)

The auction will be held on the Coinbase NFT website — you can set a reminder on the drop page

If you need additional help, check out the Coinbase FAQ RIGHT HERE. This is constantly updated with more and more info as we get closer to the date.

If you would like to request more direct bidding support in time for the launch, let us know by filling out this form with your details! We’re setting up VIP support for bidders with direct access to help with your bid and wallet setup. Limited spots are available.


Bill Murray charity auction


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