Warning: This story contains images that may not be safe for work.

Most Marvel fans are hoping for some high-octane thrills out of Avengers: Infinity War when it debuts later this week. Some fans, though, are looking for a different kind of thrill after the credits roll.

Lucky for them, an Australian sex toy company Geeky Sex Toys has (inevitably) devised a line of Avengers-themed adult novelties. There’s a naughty version of Thor’s trusty hammer mjölnir, a golden “Infinity Fist” toy, and even a replica of what the company thinks the Hulk’s anatomy looks like.


While the toys might seem like a bit of a joke, they are made with quality, body-safe materials—and that’s reflected in the price. These are toys for people who actually want to use them rather than cheap gag gifts.

Here’s the breakdown of what you can get:

  • A Captain America (or “Captain Anal”) butt plug .
  • An Iron Man-themed “Arse Reactor” butt plug.
  • A giant Hulk dildo. And we do mean GIANT. We’ve nicknamed it “Mean Green” – official name is “Incredible Dong.”
  • Some kind of Hawkeye-themed arrow-shaped plug called “HawkAss.” Not certain where it’s meant to go – but we know it always hits its target ?.
  • A Black Widow fleshlight, naturally.
  • “Möan-lnir, Thor’s hammer with a dildo handle. For the true collectors in the bunch.
  • Last but not least, “The Infinity Fist,” for those who want to feel the full might of Thanos’ wrath ? ?.

You can check out the full collection here.


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