Huron River Chain of Lakes in Pinckney

The Chain of Lakes in Pinckney, Michigan is a beautiful interconnected chain of 9 lakes all joined together by the Huron River.

The biggest lakes in the chain are:

Big Portage (max depth 84ft)

Strawberry Lake (max depth 64ft)

Zukey Lake (max depth 35ft)

Baseline Sandbar boat party!

The Chain of Lakes is 8-miles long and you go thru narrow passages and under bridges on the Huron to get to each lake.

Every year, there’s an awesome boat party at the Baseline Lake Sandbar.

The Baseline Sandbar is shallow enough for people to walk around.

Baseline Sandbar boat party!

The party goes all day and culminates in a big fireworks show at dusk called the Portage Lake Fireworks.

The fireworks are courtesy of Klaves Marina.

There is only one public boat launch for the entire Chain of Lakes, it’s the Big Portage Lake Public Boat Launch (8890 McGregor Rd, Pinckney). It’s next to Klaves Marina.

The launch has paved parking for 30 trailers and a permit is required. Hours are 8am-10pm.

Big Portage Lake and Baseline Lake

Two popular food spots on the Chain of Lakes:

Zukey Lake Tavern (5011 Girard Dr, Pinckney)

Riverside Pizza (9310 McGregor, Pinckney)


You can dock your boat at both places.


Zukey Lake Tavern was built in the 1930’s and is huge. They also have a 2nd story tiki bar patio.

Riverside Pizza opened in 1996 and has great pizza.

Zukey Lake Tavern
Zukey Lake Tavern rooftop tiki bar patio

Also check out:

Zukey Lake Sandbar (the one near the connection to Strawberry Lake) is a popular Summer hangout spot.

Chain of Lakes Boat Tours (owned and operated by Scott Strane)

Riverside Pizza (Pinckney)

What:          Baseline Lake Sandbar boat party!

When:         Saturday, July 4, 2020

Where:        Baseline Lake (Pinckney, Michigan)

Time:          6am-dusk (after fireworks show)

Baseline Lake Sandbar boat party!
Baseline Lake Sandbar boat party!
Baseline Lake Sandbar boat party!
Baseline Lake Sandbar boat party!


Click image to watch video:


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