4163582_2_20121207152159_0_0How bad ass would it be to show up at Jobbie Nooner with this? This thing is awesome! You could run like hell around Lake St Clair and the river!

The 105-ft (32-m) long, 55-ft (17-m) wide, 180-ton (163-tonne) watercraft features two 3,480 hp diesel engines, two 180-kW Caterpillar diesel electric generators, and a top speed of 30 knots (56 km/h, or 35 mph).

It is now on sale for $180,000 online, and is currently in San Diego.

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The pictures of it show six bunks and a rather minimalist kitchen, so it could be described as needing work.

It also has a shower-equipped bathroom, plus a washer and dryer.

The ship has an advanced hull that provides for outstanding stability and speed in high sea states and is capable of 30-plus knots in wave heights of up to 12 feet.

‘Sea SLICE, designated as a High Speed Vessel (HSV) for the exercise, is demonstrating the flexibility achievable by ‘modularity’ in a small, fast, highly maneuverable platform,’ the Navy wrote when it first trialed the ship.


Here is some video of it to!



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