Aquaglide Lounges

Aquaglide is an American company based in Bend, Oregon. They create cool inflatables for the water.

These lounges would be great for any lakefront home or just chilling on the water wherever you are.

You can also buy these from Water Warrior Services in New Baltimore, Michigan.


The OG Lounge

Aquaglide Lounges the OG Lounge

As the name implies, the OG Lounge is one of Aquaglide’s original and best-selling loungers for a reason. The ideal waterfront hangout for family-sized groups, the OG Lounge features integrated barstool seating, a raised table, cup holders for happy hour drinks, and a shaded canopy top to keep occupants protected from the sun’s harsh summer rays. Large enough to host an evening dinner soiree, and convenient enough to hop on for a quick happy hour toast, the OG Lounge is a hit for all.


The Ohana Lounge

Aquaglide Lounges the Ohana Lounge

Sit back on the comfy bench seats in the Ohana Lounge and your worries of the day will slowly fade away. This lounge features bench seating and a table with integrated cup holders, a mesh-bottom cooler cutout to keep your food and drink safe and close by, and a shaded canopy cover for the ultimate relaxation setting. For up to six guests, the Ohana is an absolute crowd-pleaser.


The Revel Lounge

Aquaglide Lounges the Revel Lounge

The all-in-one lounger, Revel Lounge, offers a whole lot of detail that is not to be missed. Featuring laid-back tatami-style seating around a family-size table, the lounger’s inflatable backrests and mesh-bottom footwell allow you to sit back, relax, and feel the cool water on your toes. A cooler cutout keeps food and drink nearby, and the canopy top cover creates a cozy social space fit for any calm body of water.


Aquaglide Lounges


Aquaglide Lounges
Aquaglide Lounges

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