April in Detroit is an adventure in itself. 32 degrees at night and 60 during the day. The time of two coats. One for the morning chill and one for mid day when the morning coat is too much and than no coat on the way home.

At the same time grass turns green in a day and the tress start the paint eating/staining ritual called budding. Spring is in the air!

Boaters are getting antsy, Marinas are starting the mad rush to launch a seasons worth of boats in 3 weekends and the honey do list you put off all winter during hibernation is coming due.
As the days get longer and and the weather gets nicer, Some minds continues to focus on one thing. JOBBIE NOONER 2011
This year’s Jobbie Nooner is on Gull Island again just around the corner from Muscamoot Bay in Lake St Clair. The date is set for June 24th and it will run all day. As we get closer stay tune to JobbieCrew.com and friend us on FaceBook for all the latest announcements along with our annual picture of the day countdown. We also plan on having a live image upload again this year
Some common questions we get:
  • Where the heck is Gull Island? – The coordinates are Latitude: 42.530293 Longitude: -82.680194, Gull Island is a small island that borders the South Channel and Harsens Island in Lake St Clair in the great state of Michigan
  • How do I get there? – The only way to get there is by boat (unless you are one hell of a swimmer). It’s real easy get there. Go to the end of Metro Beach and head east and a little south.

  • What time does it start? – Some people start the night before (including us). To get a close spot you should plan on being there by 10:00am
  • Can I get a ride out there with you? – As you can imagine we get a lot of requests for this. Sorry, No. Unfortunately we have a full crew.
  • Are you the organizer of Jobbie Nooner? – No there is no organizer no matter what people say. Some pf us spend time working on it than others but It’s an event that has been going on for 20+ years. We are just a site dedicated to promoting Jobbie Nooner and The Longest Raft-Off and boating fun on Lake St Clair
  • What are the laws reguarding Jobbie Nooner?– As with any other public party our friends in law enforcement are out there to make sure everyone has a safe time. The same laws apply as anywhere elseDrunk Driving = DUI and arrested. Always have a dedicated captain
    Fighting = Your a mean drunk and keep your ass at home. Your not impressing any girls.
    Sexual assault = sexual assault and jail time.(after you get the crap beat out of you)

    Do’s and Dont’s

  • Leave the island cleaner than you found it – Take all of your trash with you
  • DO NOT BRING KIDS – Should not have to say this but every year we see them
  • Do not bring glass bottles
  • Bring plenty of sunscreen
  • Bring plenty of water
  • Earn your beads
Have fun and come and find us out there!
The Crew

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