Annual Coney Dog Eating Challenge @ American Coney Island, Detroit

One of Detroit’s many celebrated institutions, American Coney Island, is hosting its Annual Coney Eating Challenge!

There will be music, celebrity judges and fun of all sorts.

Coney Matt with his championship coney belt outside American Coney Island in Detroit, Michigan.

The coney eating record is held by retired four-time champion (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018) Matt “Coney Matt” Holowicki of Plymouth with 20 coneys in 2016.

All proceeds benefit the Detroit Police Fund and Detroit Fireman’s Benevolent Fund.

owner Grace Keros with her father Chuck Keros

Family-owned since 1917 by the Keros Family, American Coney Island has been a must-visit spot for locals and visitors for almost 100yrs now!

Coney Challenge

What:          9th Annual Coney Dog Eating Challenge

When:         Thursday, August 29, 2019

Where:        American Coney Island (114 W. Lafayette St, Detroit, MI)

Time:           5pm-6:30pm

Cost:            $10.00 if you register in advance/ $15.00 @ door/ $5.00 for spectators

Register:     call (586) 219-0995 to register in advance!

Coney Dog Eating Challenge facebook page

American Coney Island homepage info

Coney Challenge!

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