Aircraft Carrier

Aircraft carriers (particularly the Ford & Nimitz-class super-carriers) are basically floating cities.

Some quick general specs:

– 1,000+ feet long

– Weigh over 100,000 tons

– Avg. flight deck covers 5 acres

– Some 5,000+ people are onboard at any given time

– Avg. cost is around $8,000,000,000.00 dollars. Yes, $8 BILLION dollars.

– Travels about 30 knots (aka: 35mph)

– Flight deck can hold over 60+ airplanes

– The anchors weigh 30 tons. And each link in the anchor weighs 360lbs.

– “The Island” is the towering command center on the flight deck

And yes, in 2004, Brazil tried selling an old 1944 aircraft carrier for $7mil on Ebay.

Aircraft Carrier

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