Haunted Car Wash (Brunswick, Ohio)

The Rainforest Car Wash in Brunswick, Ohio, about 30 mins south of Cleveland, offers a “Haunted Car Wash” experience in October for Halloween.

A “haunted wash” costs $20 and works like a regular automated car wash except there are scary clowns and zombies inside and outside the wash tunnel.

Oct. 25th: 9PM – 11PM (Friday)
Oct. 26th: 6PM – 11PM (Saturday)

Price is $20/vehicle and FREE for existing members.

Haunted Car Wash (Brunswick, Ohio)

Haunted Car Wash @ Rainforest Car Wash

3365 Center Rd

Brunswick, OH 44212



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Haunted Car Wash (Brunswick, Ohio)


Haunted Car Wash (Brunswick, Ohio)

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