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$75mil Athena Sailing Yacht

Are you filthy rich and just looking for cool stuff to blow money on so you can look good in Instagram photos and have strangers all over the world envying you? Is you really crazy enough to drop that much chedda on this kinda toy? Well then! Here ya go, Mr. Moneybags:

One of the largest sailing yachts ever built is the 295ft. long Athena Sailing Yacht. Yes, it costs $75,000,000.00. If you look in the ‘I’m rich what can i buy?’ file, you will find detailed instructions on how & where to purchase this gorgegeous vessel.

The cost of this vessel is roughly equivalent to the GDP of the Republic of Kiribati!

The Athena was built in 2004 by Netherlands-based Royal Huisman. This 3-masted gaff rigged 1,000 metric ton badboy can travel 19 knots and has 2500 square meters of working sail.

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Athena Deck. Damnnnn!!!!

If you’re rich but not rich enough to buy this beauty, don’t worry, Uncle Frodo. You still might be able to afford the $440,000 weekly charter fee for up to 10 people. This includes a crew of 20 and 5 cabins for you and your bevy of smoking hot supermodels (ie: women with first names but no last names).

The Athena is moored. But not for long.

Buy this badass 204pg. coffee table book about Athena. It’s a $90.00 book so, you know, cherish it.

Charter the Athena for $440,000 for one week here!


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