annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference!

Primatologists are baffled! Picnicking couples keep disappearing in the woods! Jobbie Crew is going to pay Shaquille O’Neal to engage in hand-to-hand combat with….the dreaded BIGFOOT! 

Bigfoot is king of the 8-feet tall Sasquatches who roam the world, curiously undocumented in times of ubiquitous technology. And ever since the famous Bluff Creek footage in 1967 in Northern California of the Bigfoot walking, he’s been wildly, globally popular.

annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference!

The two areas with the most Bigfoot sightings in the USA are: the Pacific Northwest and the Great Lakes region (especially Michigan’s Huron National Forest).

Join hundreds of Bigfoot enthusiasts for the annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference! This is a great event put on by the Ohio Bigfoot Organization and the United States Bigfoot Research Association. The event is located about 1hr30min West of Columbus.

annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference!

There will be several lectures by eminent Bigfootologists, 30 tables of Bigfoot paraphernalia and more.

annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference!

What:         6th annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference

When:        May 20th, 2017

Where:       Salt Fork State Park Lodge (14755 Cadiz Road, Lore City, OH) 1hr30m west of   Columbus 

annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference!

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