The “World’s Largest Rubber Duck” is joining the giant fleet of Tall Ships expected at a Duluth, Minnesota festival this August.

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman created the bright-yellow duck, and it was built of PVC material in New Zealand by a company specializing in large sails

The 61-foot tall bath toy will be floating at the annual spectacle alongside replica ships that include a Spanish Galleon and a Viking longboat.

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman hatched the idea of giant rubber ducks in 2007. His 50-foot tall duck has migrated to five continents around the world.

Craig Samborski’s “Mama” duck, which is the one headed for Duluth this summer, is even bigger. He created it when he needed something splashy for Tall Ships Los Angeles in 2013.

Samborski also has a baby duck called “Timmy,” that floats alongside Mama at many events.

Both can be deflated and packed in a standard FedEx cargo container that loads onto a plane.

So, as big as they are, both of these wingless ducks can actually fly.

Here is some more video

Set sail with the largest rubber duck