311, this band has been creating great music for 30 years, since 1988!

Hard to believe but true. They’ve gone from the cornfields of Omaha to the bustle of Los Angeles and toured globally for decades.

Lead singer Nick Hexum says “Our fans are basically good natured stoners who like to have fun.”

311 loves marijuana.

311 has their own beer, Amber Ale, made by the Nebraska Brewing Company.

311 beer Amber Ale

311 takes thousands of fans on a 311 Caribbean Cruise every March.

If you haven’t before, check out their hilarious documentary Enlarged to Show Detail.


What:          311 

When:         Friday, July 5, 2019

Where:        DTE (33 Bob Seger Dr, Clarkston, MI)

Time:          6pm-11pm 

Cost:          $26.00-$96.00

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