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Birds Nest Bed

Above: A creative birds nest bed designed by Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr at the OGE Group in Israel.

Beer Barrel Bed

Above: An awesome bed at made from an actual vintage beer barrel.

Stay inside the Beer Barrel Room at Hotel Beverland (Ostbevern, Germany)


Beer Barrel Bed at Hotel Beverland (Ostbevern, Germany)

Apple Tree Bed

Above: Under the apple tree canopy bed by the designer called Tiina Anttila from lummedesigns.

Pod Bed

Above: A cool pod that uses pleasant sound, gentle vibration and soothing light to transport the body, mind and spirit to a tranquil state of relaxation.

The Ultimate Bed

Above: The ultimate bed with an integrated massage chair, speakers, a desk and more that comes in a range of colours.

Cool Purple Bed

Above: A stylish circular bed in purple that we don’t know much about but thought we should include.

Eclipse Bed

Above: The Eclipse Bed by Isbir Bedding was designed to depict a lunar eclipse with features including a music system, TV mount and unique lighting.

Eternity Bed

Above: A huge eternity bed with a seating/lounging area at the foot of the bed so the whole family can chill out.

Pirate Ship Bed

Above: An amazing pirate ship bed that any kid would love to have with a ship’s wheel and treasure chest to go with it.

Royalty Bed

Above: A positively beautiful four poster bed with fancy curtains that looks good enough for royalty to sleep in.

Cosy Corner Bed

Above: A cosy little bed that is tucked in the corner of the room that looks like it would be a great place to curl up with a good book.

Stylish Bed

Above: A sleek and stylish modern bed design that is made out of wood with a circular bottom .

Sunburst Bed

Above: A fantastic bed with a golden sunburst headboard from the UK based luxury furnishings specialist Christopher Guy.

Futuristic Bed

Above: A futuristic looking space bed with really cool lights that make it glow in the dark.

Kitchen Bed

Above: A very unusual bed that is above the kitchen in this small house. We are not quite sure how people are supposed to get up there.

Roller Coaster Bed

Above: This excellent roller coaster bed has got to be one of the most creative bed designs in the World.

Star Wars Bed

Above: The Millennium Falcon bed for the serious fanboy by Kayla Kromer with smuggling compartments and built in lighting.

Social Networking Bed

Above: For those obsessed with social networking, behold the Facebook bed by the Croatian designer called Tomislav Zvonarić.

Grass Bed

Above: An amazing green eco bed for resting outdoors. These grass beds are very popular and there are lots more designs at Lushome.

Fish Tank Bed

Above: An incredible fish tank bed with a custom made $11,500 650-gallon acrylic aquarium headboard spanning above it.

Tree Branch Bed

Above: A cool looking bed made from tree branches from the creative folks at Laurel Feldman Interiors in Illinois.

Book Bed

Above: For Japanese families without much space the innovator, Yusuke Suzuki created this fold-up bed in the shape of a book.

Yin Yang Bed

Above: According to the Italian designer called Alessio Pappa this impressive Yin Yang bunk bed is a refuge for the spirit.

Wall Bunk Beds

Above: An ingenious room design where bunk beds have been built into the wall. This probably saves space and looks great at the same time.

Ice Bed

Above: This unbelievable bed made out of ice was part of Sweden’s 29th ICEHOTEL, a hotel rebuilt each year in the village of Jukkasjärvi.

Chain Bed

Above: An interesting hanging bed with metallic chains and a wooden bed frame that give a nice rustic look to the bed.

Pet Bed

Above: A wonderful bed design with a tiny compartment for your pet so that you can sleep together.

Burger Bed

Above: This hamburger bed is also designed by Kayla Kromer and in her opinion it was the most comfortable bed she ever had.

4You Bed

Above: The 4You double bed with canopy and shelves from the South African company called Vox Furniture.

Step Brothers Bed

Above: So much room for activities.

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