One week to go until Jobbie Nooner 2 (Sept 8th 2012) It has been a fantastic year for the Jobbie Crew and the Pirate Ship and the waters of Lake St Clair. The crew put many miles on the ship this year and she preformed flawlessly. We have a few improvements to make over the winter but most are internal. We do plan on trying to add a plank and some cannon’s to complete the look. Hell maybe next year we will have some costumes to go with the look.


Jobbie Nooner 2 is this Saturday and we will be there rain or shine. Every year it tends to be on the cooler side but every year this seems to be one of the hottest events. Only the true hard core Jobbie Nooner’s are out there! See you guys then and remeber Nips are Hip so show them strong!


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