16 Waterfalls to visit In Ontario


Waterfalls to visit in Ontario

Source http://www.gowaterfalling.com/
Source http://www.gowaterfalling.com/

We love our Canadian neighbors to the north unless you’re in Detroit (To the South) so when we came across this list we thought we would get your opinion on them. Let us know which ones are your favorite

Ontario is home to countless natural and manmade waterfalls that are all equally breathtaking and awe-inspiring; several of which can be found in the Hamilton region alone (there are over 100 waterfalls in Hamilton



1. Albion Falls

Photo cred – Pverdonk

Hamilton, ON

2. Bridal Veil Falls

Photo cred – Harold Stiver

Manitoulin Island, ON

3. Chedoke Falls

Photo cred – insideniagaralive.ca

Hamilton, ON

4. Decew Falls

Photo cred – syydn33

St. Catharines, ON

5. Devil’s Punch Bowl

Photo cred – adriana_gabri

Hamilton, ON

6. Felkers Falls

Photo cred – ladybugsrun

Stoney Creek, ON

7. Hog’s Back Falls

Photo cred – kaylaalexis95

Ottawa, ON

8. Horseshoe Falls

Photo cred – mudtownjosh

Niagara, ON

9. Indian Falls

Photo cred – daspab

Owen Sound, ON

10. Inglis Falls

Photo cred – bbeckphotograph

Owen Sound, ON

11. Kakabeka Falls

Photo cred – Harold Stiver

Thunder Bay, ON

12. Princess Falls

Photo cred – discover.dan

Chedoke Trail, ON



13. Sherman Falls

Photo cred – buimark

Ancaster, ON

14. Tews Falls

Photo cred – lushanabale

Dundas, ON


15. Webster’s Falls

Photo cred – sir_lintor

Hamilton, ON

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