Dragon on the Lake boating festival! (Lake Orion, MI)

Since 2008, Dragon on the Lake, a boat festival on Lake Orion, has attracted crowds of 15,000+ to watch 40ft long dragon boats carrying 22 paddlers per boat, row their hearts out in good fun.

40ft long dragon boat with 22 rowers.

The Dragon Boat Race is 300 meters long and takes 2-3 minutes per team.

Dragon Boat figurehead

In 1894, a “dragon” was spotted on Lake Orion and the association of dragons and Lake Orion has stuck ever since.

Fire-Breathing Dragon!

Some other cool things to check out in Lake Orion:

– Lake Orion-Jimmy Hoffa’s summer cottage (1608 Ray Court) on shores of Square Lake
– Lake Orion-Broadway Records (8 West Shadbolt) Tues-Sat 10am-4pm
– Lake Orion-51 North Brewing Company (51 North Broadway Street)
– Lake Orion-Palazzo di Bocce (4291 S. Lapeer rd) Italian food and bocce ball
– Lake Orion-Bald Mountain State Park (1330 East Greenshield Road)
– Lake Orion-Orion Oaks County Park (2301 W. Clarkston rd) 927acres

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