149 days until Jobbie Nooner 2015


As I sit here and look at this cold blue screen I can only dream until the ship get’s back in the water! So least we can dream together! 149 days and counting until Jobbie Nooner 2015!!





The next Jobbie Crew support boat

In our quest to find the perfect support boat we came across this little gem.

The next JobbieCrew.com support boat

The next JobbieCrew.com support boat

From the website:

In the world of superyachts, SuRi is unique. In fact, it is one of very few purpose-built luxury exploration yachts in the world. However, no other vessel has the collection of toys that enable SuRi to turn any destination into an adventurer’s playground. The owner’s vision is to share the water planet’s unlimited opportunities for adventure with like-minded thrill seekers and their families while enjoying the pinnacle of luxury in the sanctuary of SuRi’s on board facilities. [via MYSURI]

This baby has everything. Helicopter-Check, fishing boat-Check, See through hull-Check, what about an airplane you ask? Check and check and let’s throw in a sub while we are at it!

So we figured we are about 20-30 million short so if anyone out there wants to team up let us know. See below for the picture gallery.




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Video of the Coast Guard freeing a tug boat 1/22/15

The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay and the crew of the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley break ice in front of and around the Tug Everlast with the Barge Norman McLeod in the St. Clair River, Jan. 20, 2015. In a combined effort with the Canadians, the Bristol Bay’s crew helped the tug and barge travel from Sarnia, Ontario, to Windsor, Ontario, in less then a day. U.S. Coast Guard video by Chief Petty Officer Nicholas Gould




Cleaning up the North Channel

Nothing but CG cutter's on the river

Nothing but CG cutter’s on the river

Dispite some objections it looks like the Coast Guard is breaking up the ice pack on the North Channel. Reports say the ferry is closed today. The screen shot is from Marine Watch which shows nothing but cutters.





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